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Charles M. Schulz Quotes

Hey, manager... Some kid must have left his glove here... It has his name on it... See? Right here... Willie Mays... He wrote his name on his glove, see? Poor kid... He's probably been looking all over for it... We should have a lost and found. I don't know any kid around here named Willie Mays, do you? How are we gonna get it back to him? He was pretty smart putting his name on his glove this way, though... It's funny, I just don't remember any kid by that name..."
"Look at your own glove."
"Look at your own glove... There's a name on it..."
"Babe Ruth... Well, I'll be! How in the world do you suppose I got her glove?!
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November 26, 1922
February 12, 2000