Georges Bataille Quotes

Human life, distinct from juridical existence, existing as it does on a
globe isolated in celestial space, from night to day and from one country
to another—human life cannot in any way be limited to the closed
systems assigned to it by reasonable conceptions. The immense travail
of recklessness, discharge, and upheaval that constitutes life could be
expressed by stating that life starts with the deficit of these systems;
at least what it allows in the way of order and reserve has meaning
only from the moment when the ordered and reserved forces liberate
and lose themselves for ends that cannot be subordinated to any thing
one can account for. It is only by such insubordination—even if it is
impoverished—that the human race ceases to be isolated in the unconditional
splendor of material things.
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September 16, 1897
July 9, 1962
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