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Shel Silverstein Quotes

One picture puzzle piece. Lyin' on the sidewalk, One picture puzzle piece. Soakin' in the rain. It might be a button of blue. On the coat of the woman. Who lived in a shoe. It might be a magical bean, Or a fold in the red. Velvet robe of a queen. It might be the one little bite. Of the apple her stepmother. Gave to Snow White. It might be the veil of a bride. Or a bottle with some evil genie inside. It might be a small tuft of hair. On the big bouncy belly. Of Bobo the Bear. It might be a bit of the cloak. Of the Witch of the West. As she melted to smoke. It might be a shadowy trace. Of a tear that runs down an angel's face. Nothing has more possibilities. Than one old wet picture puzzle piece.
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September 25, 1930
May 10, 1999