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Anne Rice Quotes

Ann Rice appeared in the world in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the United States of America, in the fall of 1941. The real name of the brilliant writer, producer and screenwriter is Howard Allen O’Brien. Her most famous work is the Interview with the Vampire. The product brought the popularity of the same film.

Ann's parents were Irish immigrants. His father, Howard O’Brien, worked in the post office, was also a novelist and sculptor. His work The Impulsive Imp was published after his death. In addition to the father, the family consisted of mother Katherine Allen O’Brien, elder sister Alice Borhardt (also a famous writer), husband, Stan Rice (recognized poet) and their son, Christopher Rice - who, in turn, also wrote several novels.

Mom believed that the male name will help Ann to achieve more in the future, will give strength, which is why the girl at birth was named Howard. When Howard was six years old, a nun at a Catholic school asked the name of a younger writer what she received: “My name is Ann.” Since that time, her name was only Ann.

In 1961, Ann and Stan Rice decided to tie the knot. Five years later, they had a wonderful daughter, Michel, who was born, but she died of leukemia at the age of six. After 6 years, the boy Christopher was born in the family.

At the age of majority, Ann left the church, a little later returned to it, and after a few years, left again, but finally.