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Welcome to Quotesbox, the land of quotes

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Anne Tyler quote: "People who hadn
Armand Assante quote: "I go out there and make a fool of myself. It
William Hurt quote: "The thing is David is also aware of everything and it

Welcome to Quotesbox

QuotesBox.org is probably the world’s largest quotes collection. We have gathered countless family-friendly quotations to satisfy every visitor. Every day there are new entries in our database, their authors ranging from today’s movers and shakers to outstanding figures of the past. Whether you are writing a love letter, a research paper, or a birthday card, a good quote will add value to it. More

Every day our quotes attract thousands of people across the globe, of all ages and from all walks of life: journalists, writers, students, educators, researchers, and politicians. The quotations are arranged according to their topic, including politic, historical, religious and other culturally relevant quotes. But we don’t limit ourselves to serious topics. We include not-so-intellectual quotes as well, since they are funny and can enrich a conversation. If the person quoted had something to say that mattered to them, it matters to us as well, so their quote will most probably appear on our website.

Thanks to our fast search engine, you’ll be able to find relevant quotes in no time. You can search the database by topics, by authors and even by individual words. The search is intuitive – it won’t distract your attention, so you can concentrate on the quotations themselves.

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